Construction Site Accidents

Helping Injured Construction Workers Get Fair Treatment

Construction sites are dangerous places. Even with strict safety regulations in place, thousands of workers are injured every year in construction accidents. These accidents could be the result of OSHA violations, defective equipment or negligence on the part of other workers or those in charge of the construction sites. For construction accident victims, recovering compensation is important and can help curb the lasting effects of serious injuries.

At Ankerholz & Smith, we help construction accident victims determine who caused the injury and then pursue compensation from the responsible party. Each of our attorneys has more than 25 years of experience helping injured construction workers in Kansas and Missouri. We approach the cases with aggressiveness and determination because we believe strongly that injured people have the right to hold negligent parties accountable.

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Handling All Types of Construction Site and Machinery Accidents

As experienced Kansas and Missouri personal injury lawyers, we represent workers hurt in a variety of job site and machinery incidents. Some examples include:

Innocent Bystanders Injured in Construction Accidents Need Help Too

Other people besides actual construction workers can be injured in a construction site accident. From a piece of machinery or material falling outside the site to tripping over debris left on the sidewalk during a construction project, serious injuries to innocent passers-by can be the unfortunate result. We can help you recover for those injuries, finding the responsible party and making sure that you are fully compensated.

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