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Construction Injury Claims May Require Workers’ Comp Attorney

Construction workers face a wide array of dangers on the job. A workers’ compensation attorney may help in complex cases.

Employees are injured on a regular basis in Kansas, which necessitates workers’ compensation. This program is meant to provide compensation for people injured on the job, through medical treatment, lost wages, death benefits to surviving family members and other areas. However, the claims process for serious work-related injuries may be complex, necessitating an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for employees or their families.

Construction is known as one of the most hazardous jobs in the country. Those who work in this dangerous industry include highway construction workers, roofers, structural steel engineers and electricians, to name just a few. There are many ways a construction worker may be injured on the job, but four types of accidents in particular stand out as the deadliest, according to EHS Today. These include falls (the top cause of fatal accidents, accounting for 36 percent of worksite fatalities), being caught between objects, electrocution and being struck by objects.

These four accident types are called the “fatal four” in the construction industry, and were responsible for 57 percent of all construction deaths in 2012. Safety experts estimate that 435 construction workers’ lives would be saved every year if the fatal four were eliminated.

Workplace violations in construction

Many accidents are unavoidable, but some occur as a result of workplace violations, which are entirely preventable. The three most common construction violations include the following:

  • Scaffolding – These structures are often not constructed on a stable surface or fully planked, increasing the risk of a fall from scaffold equipment.
  • Grounding – Electrical wires or cables should be grounded or de-energized to prevent electrocutions.
  • Excavations – Trenches, ditches and other excavations need to be braced or shored to prevent cave-ins, and escape routes should be included.

Despite federal regulations for construction sites, the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration finds violations in most of the 10,000 worksites randomly inspected every year across the country.

An attorney may be able to help

Minor injuries that require medical attention but result in a quick return to work are usually the easiest in regards to workers’ compensation claims. However, construction accidents are often far from simple. It is possible for an employer or insurance company to deny an injury claim. Incidents resulting from a workplace violation may also be complex. In these situations, it may help to involve a Kansas workers’ compensation attorney. An attorney can advise injured workers on their rights, help them file a claim or guide them through the process of appealing a denial.