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Child Custody Investigation Attorneys In Overland Park

Last updated on April 8, 2020

In the course of some Kansas child custody proceedings, evaluations may be conducted before a final determination is made regarding a parent’s ability to care for a child. Often referred to as child custody investigations or home studies, these evaluations look closely at the living conditions that the children would be provided as well as the parents’ relationships with them. Evaluations can include home visits and interviews with the parents, children, family members, friends, neighbors and others.

These investigations can have a significant impact on the type and extent of access a parent may have to his or her children. There are a number of things that parents can do to prepare for a home study that can greatly improve their chances of gaining the level of access they desire. At the Law Offices of Ankerholz and Smith, we represent clients in all aspects of child custody matters. We hire child custody investigators when needed.

All of the clients we represent who may be facing a home study will receive a handout that we have prepared that provides detailed information about the steps they can take before and during the home study in an effort to secure a favorable outcome. Our attorneys take the time to advise you on the entire process and help you develop a plan for success.

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