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A brain injury is forever. Even a mild concussion can result in long-term loss of memory and cognitive abilities. Brain injury victims and their families must live with the symptoms and consequences for a lifetime.

If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic head injury in an accident in Kansas or Missouri, schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Ankerholz and Smith in Overland Park. Our attorneys have years of experience protecting the rights of people who have suffered catastrophic, life-changing injuries. We work with neurologists, occupational therapists and life-care economists to determine how technical medical issues impact financial damages.

Symptoms Of Brain Injury

Medical professionals say that a brain injury is often the first injury to occur in an accident, but the last to be recognized by doctors. So often, symptoms of a brain injury are noticed by co-workers and loved ones, before the injured person is aware of a medical problem. Symptoms such as forgetting a phone number, difficulty holding small objects, or even a change in the way food tastes can be delayed signs in the weeks or months following an accident. If you notice unusual behavioral changes in yourself or your loved one, talk to a medical professional right away.

Skid marks at the scene of an accident don’t always tell the whole story. After a car accident resulting in a serious brain injury to a child, the evidence pointed to the fault of one of the drivers. By working with a team of medical experts and accident reconstruction specialists, we proved that poor road design and insufficient safety signage contributed to the cause of the accident. We were able to obtain significant money damages for our client, while also prompting the highway department to reconstruct the road to make it safer. Read more about the details at our Representative Cases page.

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