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Occupational Disease Attorneys In Overland Park

Employers have a responsibility to take all necessary precautions to accommodate known risks associated with a particular occupation. Nowhere is this more true than in settings where the potential exists for the development of occupational diseases. In many cases, however, not only are employers negligent in their efforts to prevent diseases, they are vehement in their efforts to avoid responsibility for the claim once a worker falls victim to one.

If you have developed a medical condition that can be directly attributed to your job, you should have your case reviewed by a knowledgeable attorney who can explain your rights and legal options. At the Law Offices of Ankerholz and Smith, we understand the impact occupational diseases can have on a worker’s quality of life. We will seek full compensation for your medical care, loss of income and any other damages that may be appropriate to your claim. We represent workers in Johnson County, Jackson County and surrounding areas.

We are prepared to represent you in claims involving any type of occupational disease, including:

  • Respiratory issues, cancers and other conditions resulting from toxic exposure
  • Asbestosis and mesothelioma
  • Carpal tunnel and other conditions arising from repetitive strain
  • Loss of hearing
  • Loss of sight
  • Heart disease

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