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Third-Party Liability Attorneys In Overland Park

Kansas and Missouri workers who are injured in the course of doing their jobs have the right to seek benefits through their employers’ workers’ compensation insurance policies. In most instances, a workers’ compensation claim is the only recourse an employee has against his or her employer.

In some instances, however, the negligence of someone other than the employer can create grounds for a separate personal injury claim. These are frequently referred to as third-party liability claims. At the Law Offices of Ankerholz and Smith, we have represented numerous clients in these cases. Our attorneys’ deep understanding of both workers’ compensation and personal injury law puts us in a uniquely strong position to accommodate your needs.

Understanding Third-Party Claims

Some examples of potential third-party claims may include:

  • Injuries caused by defective equipment in the workplace
  • On-the-job accidents caused by a contractor or someone other than your employer
  • An auto accident that occurred while you were performing a job-related function

A common insurance company tactic is to blame the injured party for negligence. A combination of faulty machine safeguards and co-employee negligence led to the traumatic amputation of our client’s fingers on one hand by a factory machine that was capable of shearing through one-half inch thick steel plates. Our lawyers went the extra mile to have a mock-up of the machine built and brought into the courtroom of the Wyandotte County District Courthouse. Even though two teams of other lawyers argued that the accident was caused by the worker putting his hand into a dangerous area, our efforts proved to the jury how the devastating injury occurred, which led to a successful verdict of $400,000.

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