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Client Recommendations For Rian F. Ankerholz

“Rian has provided great service and help throughout my time with him.” – ttuttle

ttuttle hired attorney Ankerholz for divorce proceedings in 2011.

“Rian is very professional and personal at the same time. He always had our best interest in mind when working with us and explored every option before recommending a direction we should go. I would recommend Rian to any of my friends who need his services.” – vinceb

vinceb hired Rian F. Ankerholz in 2011.

“I never thought I would find myself needing a divorce attorney but when faced with that situation, I can’t imagine being better served than I was by Rian Ankerholz. He was empathetic but tough and led me through a realistic process in a difficult divorce and complex and lengthy financial settlement. Mr. Ankerholz’ ability to read people and use that to his client’s advantage is no doubt his greatest gift. His work in preparing me for the necessary face to face meetings was invaluable in keeping the meetings less charged and emotional and for maximizing my position. The resultant settlement was definitely in my favor, and Mr. Ankerholz continues to advise me with wisdom as necessary.” – Resilient1

Resilient1 hired attorney Ankerholz for divorce proceedings in 2008.

“We hired Rian to assist with my Mother-in-Law’s disability case. Unfortunately, through the course of the case, my Mother-in-Law became very ill and we needed to expedite things. Rian was so helpful, empathetic and responsive through the whole process, that we were able to resolve everything quickly. We are so appreciative of his quick responses and assistance, that we would recommend him to anyone!” – JennyY

JennyY hired attorney Ankerholz in 2013.

“Mr. Ankerholz and his firm were professional and most knowledgeable when it came to my legal situation. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing honest, prompt, fair representation regarding family matters.” – DML2112

DML2112 hired attorney Ankerholz for child support counsel in 2013.

“Mr. Ankerholz and his firm Ankerholz and Smith, had provided legal services and they had been professional and trust worthy since 2001 until present. I recommend Mr. Ankerholz for all legal matters, especially family matters, divorce, child support, child support enforcement, and other recommendations and legal advice as needed. Mr. Ankerholz work ethics is reviewed as the most excellent in my opinion.” – SofiaTaylor

SofiaTaylor hired attorney Ankerholz in 2014.

“Rian Ankerholz is an exceptional individual who would be a tremendous asset to any client for which he is retained.. He was retained for me over my divorce. In addition to his assignment as my divorce lawyer Rian Ankerholz is considered the resident expert with regard to understanding the law. A true professional, he is reliable dedicated and thoroughly proficient both as a divorce lawyer and estate planning. His knowledge of the law and technical expertise is unmatched. His flawless performance under pressure in the courtroom led to my outstanding outcome in this challenging environment. His efforts have contributed significantly to the Ankerholz and Smith reputation of being one of the finest law firms in the Midwest. Leading by example Rian Ankerholz sets very high standards for himself and his firm. His exceptional professional abilities and extreme dedication to law have earned him the respect of his clients, peers and superiors alike. He is the man people turn to for advice and solutions to tough attorney problems. His personal efforts have laid a strong foundation for continued excellence at Ankerholz and Smith. Representing the finest law firm the community is capable of producing….Rian Ankerholz has outstanding potential for success in any endeavor he undertakes. He has my strongest recommendation for clients in any position for which he may be retained by.” – Randyh6063

Randyh6063 hired attorney Ankerholz in 2013.

“I don’t think that Rian knew what he was getting into when he took on my custody and support amendment. Despite my ex’s best efforts to stall and block the changes he was able to get them done.” – Cjpietrus

Cjpietrus hired attorney Ankerholz for a child support matter in 2013.

“It is my pleasure to write this recommendation on behalf of Mr. Rian F. Ankerholz. Mr. Ankerholz is a consummate professional who is extremely astute and knowledgeable about family law. Client satisfaction is his top priority and he delivers an exceptional level of service, responsiveness, and personal attention. Mr. Ankerholz was consistently sensitive to my needs and values, a champion of my interests, and committed to helping me through a difficult life transition with efficiency and compassion. In addition to his legal strengths, he is easily accessible, very well-organized, and possesses strong verbal and written interpersonal and communication skills. In closing, I could not have chosen a better lawyer and give Mr. Ankerholz my highest recommendation.” – Kansas1

Kansas1 hired attorney Ankerholz for divorce counsel in 2013.

“Rian is a lifelong friend, so when it came time to seek legal help when dealing with my parents estate I always knew who I would call. Rian’s expertise in the law is impressive but what I appreciated the most was his compassion. Even though Rian and I have a close personal relationship I have no doubt that he treats all his clients with the same dignity and respect.” – abcwebb

abcwebb hired Rian F. Ankerholz for probate and estate administration in 2007.