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Workers’ Compensation Denial Lawyers In Overland Park

When you suffer a work-related injury, you should not have to worry about whether your employer’s insurance company will honor the claim. Nevertheless, countless Kansas and Missouri workers routinely have their claims denied for no other reason than the insurance company’s concern with protecting its own interests.

If you feel that your claim for workers’ compensation benefits has been unjustly denied, you have an advocate at the Law Offices of Ankerholz and Smith. Many workers are unaware that they have the right to challenge a denial of benefits, and those that do are often hesitant to take legal action against their employers. There are specific protections under the law against employer retaliation for an employee’s pursuit of a workers’ compensation claim. We will be there with you at every step, constantly working to protect your rights.

We Use The AMA Guides For The Evaluation of Impairment

There can be many different reasons that an insurance company may use as grounds to deny a claim, including employee negligence, challenging whether the injury was work-related or failing to meet a reporting deadline. Our attorneys utilize proven strategies to overcome insurance company denials. We have experience at every level of the appeals process and do everything in our power to obtain the benefits you are entitled to receive.

Call Us When Your Claim Is Denied

From our office in Overland Park, we represent clients throughout Kansas and Missouri in workers’ compensation claim denials. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer. You can reach us by phone at 913-800-6071 or contact us via email to schedule an appointment.